The BetterBuilt G236D Model Undercounter Aquatic Washer is available in a range of machines. Effective aquatic cage washing can be achieved with the BetterBuilt G236D model undercounter aquatic washer utilizing upper and lower basket racks and ActivSan as a biofilm remover. This washer is available in 208V electric.


Key Features

  • Thermal Disinfection – The washer is capable of a maximum water temperature during thermal disinfection of 85ºC ±0.1ºC.
  • Programs – Easy to use microprocessor-controlled LED display provides access to the 9 factory pre-set programs plus 6 user defined programs which are modifiable. Each program differs from the other in time, temperature, and detergent usage.
  • Construction – The external cabinet including standard rear panel are AISI 304L stainless steel with #4 high-grade finish. The internal chamber are AISI 316L stainless steel with #4 high-grade finish.
  • Storage Cabinet – Located on the right side of the washer is an integrated chemical container storage cabinet with hinged door.
  • Detergent Pumps – The unit can be equipped with up to 3 dosing pumps for time-based control of liquid chemicals. Typically, the integrated dosing pump is used for acid neutralizer and the optional dosing pump for alkaline detergent and additional chemicals as required.
  • Forced Air Drying – May be equipped with optional drying system capable of 120⁰C. Standard Class C air filter. Upgrade to HEPA filter available. Hot air is recirculated through the spray arms and/or spindle racks for complete drying inside and outside of processed items.
  • Data Port – Equipped with an RS232 serial data communication port for connectivity to our optional external printer or user provided PC.
  • Water Softener – The unit is equipped with an automatic integrated water softener which removes the substances that cause hardness from the water with the aid of regenerating salt.
G236D, G236DC, G236DP, G236DPC35.43″ x 33.46″ x 23.62″5.16


P = Alkaline Detergent Pump | D = Forced Air Dryer | C = Steam Condenser