All of our aquatic washers at BetterBuilt are designed with durability and productivity in mind. Clean everything from animal watering bottles and cages to aquatic tanks found in vivariums. These washers make lab animal research easier with cleaning capabilities that produce impeccable sanitization results.

In the life sciences industry, facilities require automated solutions which ensure rapid and thorough cleaning each and every time. Our standard aquatic washers are highly effective as well have optional features to choose from. Let us know what your lab’s unique requirements are and we will work to meet them.

Find the Washer That’s Right for Your Facility

R630 Aquatic Washer

This heavy-duty aquatic washer combines a proven spray design with modern technology to clean aquatic cages and other items. Learn how its automatic, single-chamber setup maximizes cleaning efficiency in animal research facilities.

G124 Undercounter Aquatic Washer

The G124 is small but highly effective. It utilizes both upper and lower basket racks and reaches a thermal disinfection range of 85ºC ±0.1ºC. Control the temperature, time, and detergent usage of the pre-set cleaning programs with a LED display.

G224 Undercounter Aquatic Washer

Easily wash watering bottles and other lab equipment in this effective aquatic cage washer. Like the G124, it offers an LED display for control, but it also offers nine factor pre-set programs as well as six user-defined programs that can be modified.

G236D Undercounter Aquatic Washer

This under counter washer is provided with a built-in storage cabinet. Effective washing can be achieved utilizing upper and lower basket racks and ActivSan biofilm remover. Use the LED control screen to modify the pre-set cycles and user-defined programs.

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