We provide solutions that maximize the productivity of lab’s washing operations. For years now, BetterBuilt has been partnering with animal research facilities to create washers that are user-friendly and extremely efficient.

Browse our top aquatic washers to find the right choice for your life sciences organization. If you have a unique request or requirement, let us know. We’re open to customizing solutions for labs on a case-by-case basis.

Take a Look at Our Premier Aquatic Washers

R630 Aquatic Washer

This heavy-duty aquatic washer combines modern technology with a proven spray design for an intense clean every time. It’s automatic, floor-loading, and equipped with a single-chamber design. Users can mount the R630 washer on the floor or in a pit.

G124 Undercounter Aquatic Washer

The BetterBuilt G124 Undercounter Aquatic Washer uses both its upper and lower basket racks to thoroughly clean aquatic tanks. It is available in either 120V or 208V electric, and both versions reach a maximum water temperature of 85ºC ±0.1ºC.

G224 Undercounter Aquatic Washer

The BetterBuilt G224 effectively cleans aquatic tanks in both upper and lower basket racks. The aquatic washer comes in either 120V or 208V electric and uses a microprocessor-controlled LED display for easy programming.

G236D Undercounter Aquatic Washer

This G236D model washer utilizes both the upper and lower basket racks for maximum productivity. Its biofilm remover ensures a clean wash every time, and its microprocessor-controlled LED display makes programming simple.

Improve your lab animal research process with an innovative aquatic washer. Reach out to BetterBuilt.

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