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BetterBuilt manufactures quality washing systems and products for life sciences, laboratory research, and healthcare.

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At BetterBuilt, we are committed to fully understanding your specific needs, because we know that each facility is unique. Building on our 70-year legacy of quality and durability, partnered with our strong engineering abilities, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions which are easy to operate, cost-effective to own, and durable for a long life of reliable performance. Watch our corporate video below.

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Our Industry

BetterBuilt products are found in vivariums and laboratory research facilities and are often used in healthcare for hospital sterile processing and surgical departments.

Life Sciences

Engineering solutions for the lab animal science and vivarium research facility. Washers and dryers, bedding management, automation systems, dry heat sterilizers, and more.


Complete solutions for the pharmaceutical and laboratory facility. Glassware washers and dryers, automation, decontamination, and necropsy fixtures.


Innovative solutions for healthcare facilities and central sterile processing applications. Decontamination, automation systems, cart and utensil washers, surgical scrub sinks and warming cabinets.

Featured Case Study

According to Facility Manager C.J. Arnett, “When it came to identifying the problem and coming up with a resolution, BetterBuilt has been very systematic, logical, structured and consistent with finding …

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Automation Products By BetterBuilt to reduce costs and improve worker safety


Want to reduce costs and improve worker safety? 

BetterBuilt specializes in automation. Our unique suite of automation products are seamlessly integrated to help you work smarter not harder. It’s one of the main reasons so many facilities choose BetterBuilt.


Did you know that BetterBuilt can customize our machines to fit your unique facility?

Our team of experts will work with you to troubleshoot challenges and recommend solutions to meet your needs.

Machines Customization to fit in Your Unique Facility