At BetterBuilt, one of our main priorities is improving washing operations in life sciences organizations and the healthcare industry. We’ve crafted heavy-duty washers that can be used in laboratories, vivariums, hospitals, and pharmaceutical facilities.

Each of our washer products is easy to use, simple to maintain and built to last for many years. Their durability makes them cost-effective to own, and their efficiency will increase productivity within your facility.

Streamline Your Washing Operations

Cage, Bottle, & Rack Washers

Find automated solutions for your facility’s vital sanitization needs. We make lab animal research simpler with equipment that thoroughly cleans cages, racks, and bottles. Choose the unit that best suits your facility’s specific needs and standard operating procedures.

Cart & Racks

Using the right cart or rack for transport and washing can have a big impact on your lab’s productivity. Boost worker safety and efficiency by finding the ideal material handling setup for cages, bottles, pans, and other vivarium items.

Tunnel Washers

Experience the most progressive approach to washing operations with the BetterBuilt T200 Series Tunnel Washer. This machine combines high-performance cleaning with energy-saving options and industry leading sanitization features.

Aquatic Washers

Choose from single and double-door units, as well as pit or floor-mounted washers. These automatic machines provide heavy-duty sanitization in an effective time period. Talk to our team about customizing your aquatic washer if you have unique needs.

Cart & Utensil Washers

Combine a proven spray design with modern technology for the ultimate cleaning solution. Sanitize carts and utensils efficiently, without taking extra time for your team’s workday. The automatic tilt floor and recirculated drying system allow for maximum productivity.

Washer Decontaminator

See how our washer decontaminator is perfectly suited for small surgery centers and other healthcare locations. Safely and efficiently clean surgical instruments and utensils. We’ll configure the washer cabinet to meet your facility’s specific requirements.

Talk to BetterBuilt about upgrading your healthcare or animal research facilities.

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