For many years, BetterBuilt’s team of highly skilled engineers has been working to improve the way life sciences facilities sanitize their caging and accessories – including their lab glassware. We want to heighten worker safety, but also to provide automated solutions that make day-to-day tasks simpler.

The BetterBuilt range of laboratory glassware washers were designed to improve the way animal research facilities and medical labs clean their tools. We’re here to ensure your washing operations are efficient, safe, and up-to-date with the latest technology.

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Our team is all about customization. Take a look at our wide range of lab glassware washers to find the one that best suits your facility. If you have specific needs or questions, feel free to reach out to our experts directly.

G403 Single Automatic Door Washer

The G403 Series Multi-Level Glassware Washer is designed to hold lab glassware on one to four levels. It comes in either stream or electric models, and both are designed for easy use and quiet operation. Boost productivity while maintaining a safe, calm environment.

G403PT Double Automatic Door Washer

This glassware washer offers vertical lift doors for pass-through operation. Its unique modular multi-tiered loading system is available with a wide choice of spindle racks.  Designed to sanitize a variety of glassware used in the life sciences industry.

G302 Single Manual Door Washer

The G302 Laboratory Glassware Washer offers heavy-duty performance in an easy-to-use setup. If your laboratory is always cleaning and sanitizing glassware, this washer’s standard dropdown door makes loading and unloading items especially convenient.

G500 Glassware Washers

The G500 series is provided in a single-door or two-door pass-through model for heavy-duty, large-item processing.  Two-chamber sizes available in either steam or electric heat, plus DI final rinse and dryer options.

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