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Below you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions when it comes to our washers and equipment

Throughput maximization depend on four variables. Tunnel Washer belt width, speed of the Tunnel Washer belt, dimensions of the items to be processed, and the user loading the items on the Tunnel Washer belt correctly.  As an example; a BetterBuilt Tunnel Washer model T236 with 36” wide belt set at speed of 3ft/min, processing standard size cage bottoms (7.25”W x 11.5”L x 5”D), cages must be placed 4 in a row across the width of the belt as well as end to end one after the other.

We welcome opportunities to provide custom solutions utilizing our standard products. Many of our unique features and options are the result of listening to user requirements and understanding how to design and engineer the correct solution.

At BetterBuilt, we offer three different spray systems for Rack Washers — and we’re known for our overlapping rotary spray arm system, which is simply and efficiently driven by pump pressure. Our horizontal oscillating spray system features more spray jets than competing brands. And our lateral traveling manifold spray system is powered by pneumatics rather than an electric motor. 

BetterBuilt is keeping pace with current industry demands for energy conservation and reduced processing times. Our Tunnel Washers offer an Energy Saver Heat Exchanger system as well as an Operational Energy Saver Load-side Sensor. BetterBuilt Rack Washers offer several options to reduce utilities and detergent consumptions as well as shorten cycles times. As well as a unique Cold-Water Fill system which eliminates the need for a hot water supply.  

Parts and components not fabricated by BetterBuilt are non-proprietary, sourced from recognized Global industrial suppliers for their performance and durability. Replacement parts are available from BetterBuilt, one of our authorized service groups or from a local industrial parts supplier.  

Our Engineering Technical Support group is available starting at 6:30am PST to 5pm PST.  Outside of those hours, please leave a message and the first available Technical Support Engineer will return your call. You may also email us at:

When you call our Technical Support group, make sure you provide the serial number of the equipment.  From that information, they will be able to help you identify the correct component and provide a quote for a parts order.  We do accept credit card orders.

When the equipment is ordered with a Factory Ethernet Connection, BetterBuilt Engineers will be able to connect for remote online diagnostics, software upgrades, and troubleshooting.  Factory based service personnel will be able to assist local service remotely identifying system malfunctions and recommendations for repair.  This option requires coordination between BetterBuilt Engineering and the Facility’s IT Department.

Whether it is rotary spray arms, traveling manifold, or oscillating spray jet systems; they all work.  However, depending on the application and site preferences a specific washing technology might be better suited.  BetterBuilt is the only manufacturer who can provide all three washing systems.  So, we can best recommend the right solution.