At BetterBuilt, we provide lab glassware dryers that make life easier for everyone in the life science industry.  All of our automated solutions are optimized for top productivity, and our dryers are no different.

Drying glassware is an important part of any laboratory’s washing operations. BetterBuilt products create proper temperatures and conditions for total drying.

Browse Our Laboratory Glassware Dryer Products

Take a look at BetterBuilt’s glassware dryers for animal research facilities. Unlike other washer and dryer manufacturers, we provide custom solutions. If you have specific requirements for your glassware drying, let us know.

D900 Dryer

The BetterBuilt D900 Glassware Dryer uses a fan-driven convection air pattern for uniform heat distribution. Its header loading shelf allows for easy glassware transfers, and its sizable capacity allows for the drying of large mixed loads.

D800 Dryer

The BetterBuilt D800 Glassware Dryer uses radiant heat and pairs perfectly with our G302 Glassware Washer. It dries quickly and thoroughly, employing thermostatic temperature controls to keep production and efficiency at maximum levels.

It’s time to upgrade the way your life sciences facility cleans and dries glassware.

Contact the BetterBuilt team. We’ll show you how to improve worker safety and make lab animal research more productive. Call 888-553-0855 or reach out online today.