BetterBuilt has been manufacturing high-quality, reliable washers for more than seven decades. We’re proud to serve a wide range of life sciences and animal research facilities, as well as medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

Our glassware washers and dryers are designed to maximize your team’s productivity, as well as properly sanitize beakers, test tubes, and other laboratory glassware. We understand that worker safety and efficient washing operations are both essential to lab animal research. That’s why we build products that help with both.

Find the Right Glassware Washer and Dryer

You need a laboratory glassware washer and dryer that suits your facility’s needs. Take a look at our glassware washing machines and drying options. We look to make your team’s life easier with our automated solutions, and we’ll help you find (and create) the best solution for your circumstances.

Glassware Washers

Our lab glassware washers come standard, but we can also customize them to meet specific requirements. These machines ensure thermal disinfection and chemical sanitization, and perfectly clean glass equipment every in your washing operations.

Glassware Dryers

Our lab glassware dryers provide effective drying so that you always feel confident in your glassware’s sanitization. Increase your labs’ processing capacity while always ensuring worker safety and lab cleanliness.

Ask us how we’re changing the life science industry for the better with custom solutions.

Contact the BetterBuilt team to learn more about our glassware washers and dryers, as well as our other products. If you have questions about customization for your lab’s needs, don’t hesitate to ask. Call 888-553-0855 or reach out online today.