BetterBuilt offers a full suite of process automation solutions for the life science industry. Our goal has always been to promote improved washing operations. These automated solutions solve many of the field’s leading concerns, as well as maximize lab productivity.

Is your life sciences organization facing challenges that slow your team down? Talk to our experts. We’ll find the automation tools to speed things up and keep your workplace safe and clean.

Browse Our Various Automation Solutions

ActivACS Automated Conveyor System (Life Sciences)

This life sciences automated conveyor system is a highly customized integrated conveyor system used to move any type of product between our various pieces of equipment. This system can be designed to suit any application for Life Sciences.

ActivACS Automated Conveyor System (Healthcare)

Our healthcare automated conveyor system fully integrates with our washer decontaminators. Its encoder cart handles both soiled and clean processing racks so that you can speed up washing operations in a relatively small space.

ActivADS Automated Dump Station

BetterBuilt’s automated dump system solves operational and worker safety concerns within laboratories and animal research facilities. Its fixed controlled movements dump rodent cages, then place them into an enclosed environment that limits the spread of allergens.

ActivAS Integrated Automated Solution

This non-robotic system limits allergen exposure for users with patented technology and integrated solutions. Its modular design saves space and energy waste, and yet its pneumatics and mechanical systems process rodent cages quickly.

ActivView Automated Data Collection and Control System

BetterBuilt has equipped this tool with graphical supervisory software to allow users to monitor and control Ethernet-connected equipment. Easily collect and store data on a secure database, as well as generate reports.

ActivCDS Clean Diverter Station

Our clean diverter station integrates with our T200 Series Tunnel Washer, as well as the D200 Series Bedding Dispenser. Load soiled items for processing in batches. The station will automatically divert non-cage materials to an unloading area.

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