At BetterBuilt, we’ve spent the past 70 years developing new ways to improve processes in the life science industry – specifically when it comes to sanitization and worker safety. This includes developing products that upgrade the way facilities handle animal bedding.

BetterBuilt’s bedding dispensers, disposal units, and conveyors offer automated solutions for daily facility tasks. We’re here to make life easier, safer, and more energy-efficient for anyone working in vivarium research facilities.

Bedding Dispensers and Products for Improved Handling

These products can be used as an integral part of bedding handling systems or as stand-alone solutions. Each is designed to fit seamlessly into your handling procedures and can be optimized to meet specific needs.

Bedding Conveying

We’ve crafted a wide range of bedding conveying products for the life sciences industry. Find out which ones will bring your current setup into the future of animal research innovation.

Bedding Dispensers

Lab animal research is infinitely easier when you have the right tools to maintain and manage animal cages. Take a look at our bedding dispensers to see how you could improve your current process.

Bedding Disposal

Use our heavy-duty designed bedding disposal unit to remove soiled bedding from your cage wash area. It’s safe and efficient.

It’s time to improve your bedding handling system.

We have a wide range of automated solutions to aid with your facility’s washing operations and organization. Call 888-553-0855 or reach out online to learn more about how BetterBuilt serves the life sciences community.