BetterBuilt crafts surgical equipment for the healthcare industry and life sciences companies. This includes easy-to-use necropsy tables. Designed to safely hold animals during procedures, our work tables can be specifically tailored to your lab’s needs.

These necropsy tables come with adjustable airflow capabilities for full odour and fume protection. They can be combined with smart washing operations for a laboratory environment that prioritizes worker safety and efficiency. If your laboratory has unique needs, let us know. We’ll work to meet them.

DDT Series – Downdraft Necropsy Tables

This series of procedure tables are used by many animal research facilities. Its stainless-steel design, perforated work surface, hand sink, and adjustable airflow baffles allow lab technicians to customize their necropsy setup.

Allow BetterBuilt to improve the way you conduct lab animal research and protect your workers.

Call 888-553-0855 or reach out online. We’re here to design custom solutions that work specifically for your facility.