Proper washing operations are an essential part of lab animal research. For years now, BetterBuilt has been working to improve worker safety with revolutionary washing chemicals products. Our goal is to ensure life sciences facilities can easily clean and deodorize their spaces.

With the right chemical cleaning products on hand, animal research facilities can better protect their environment. We don’t just want to help your team clean – we want to change the way the life sciences industry stays safe and sanitized.

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Take a look at BetterBuilt’s products, created specifically for the pharmaceutical, laboratory, and life sciences industries. Learn how to rinse away undesirable minerals, reduce residue, and make the cleaning process infinitely easier.

ActivFresh Odor Neutralizer

We offer an eco-friendly, non-hazardous odor neutralizer. Keep your industrial, commercial, or residential space odorless for 45 to 60 days at a time. Our neutralizer traps foul, irritating fumes.

ActivTemp Cage Wash Temperature Tapes

When you need to know your Vivarium cages have been thermally disinfected and sanitized. Our cage washing temperature tape clearly changes color to indicate when certain temperatures have been reached.

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