BetterBuilt doesn’t just focus on the cleaning aspect of washing operations. Every step of your facilitiy’s process — from gathering dirty cages to drying them off — should be fully optimized. That’s why we’ve designed custom solutions, including carts and racks for the life sciences industry.

Take a look at our material handling options below. Whether you’re cleaning rodent cages or enrichment accessories we have numerous carts & racks for you to choose from.

Make Cleaning Your Equipment Simpler and Faster

Universal Basket Rack Series

Use this product for washing rodent cages and miscellaneous items. The rack fits a wide range of cages and allows for flexible load processing.

UC6 Universal Wash Cart

This cage and pan washing cart accommodates most sizes of rodent cages and debris pan. Its open design allows for full spray coverage and its materials are compatible with alkaline and mild acid detergents.

VHS High-Capacity Cage Washing System

Choose between three, four, and five-level cage racks to hold up to 200 mouse cages or 80 rat cages. This cage processing system is designed to increase through-put capacity in cage washing operations.

BWC6 Bottle Washing Cart

This stainless steel manifold cart ideal for lab animal research facilities. Holds up to 10 bottle baskets per load. Features a quick-lock connection and overlapping rotary spray arms.

AWC6 Aquatic Washing Cart

Process and clean aquatic cages of various sizes at once. This stainless steel, the rotary manifold cart features a quick-lock connection. Requires the use of ActivSan biofilm remover.

LPR9 Large Processing Rack

This large stainless steel rack is designed to accommodate larger type cages and trays. It will hold up to 12 guinea pig or rabbit trays. Provided with locking swivel casters.

IGR6 Interior Guide Rail

Minimize rack movement inside washers with a removable interior guide rail. The IGR6 allows workers to easily guide racks inside the washer.

ITR6 Interior Tilt Ramp

Add an incline to your washing chambers to facilitate the draining of solid shelf-type racks or racks where standing water potential exists.

PPR6 Primate/Rabbit Pan Rack

Attach this rack to the side protection bar of your rack washer. This allows the pans to be washed at the same time the rabbit or primate cages are washed.

Don’t settle for ordinary processing carts. Turn to BetterBuilt for more advanced, customized solutions.

Call 888-553-0855 or reach out online to begin the process. We’ll help you maximize productivity and worker safety with carts and racks tailored to your needs.