Our automated solutions don’t always fit under one category. At BetterBuilt, we never stop brainstorming ways to improve our products for life sciences organizations, as well as the healthcare industry. Where there’s a need, we’re working on a solution.

Take a look at some of our miscellaneous products for animal research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and more.

Optimize Every Aspect of Your Facility

Bottle Filling Stations

Minimize the time spent on preparation and maximize the hours dedicated to actual lab animal research. Our bottle filler products allow you to prep up to 36 bottles at a time, speeding up your process and ensuring consistent watering every time.

Modular Wall Systems

Custom design a wall assembly that meets your laboratory’s needs. These stainless steel walls separate soiled and clean areas creating an enclosed service space for cage wash equipment. Minimizing exposure to heat and noise and improving worker safety.

Manual Load Automatic Capper Station

Implement a decapping and capping system to save precious time spent handling water bottles. BetterBuilt’s capper station processes water bottles and caps them either in a floor mounted setup or on a mobile cart

Manual Load Automatic Decapper Station

Our automatic decapper solution removes caps from up to 25 bottles at a time. Stop wasting time prying off caps manually. Instead, place the bottles in this mobile or floor-mounted station and immediately prepare them to go through the washer.

Do you have questions about any of these solutions? Let us know.

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