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To better manage UCSD’s expanding research enterprise and their decentralized vivo facilities, Dr. Phil Richter (head of the UCSD Animal Care Program) had the idea to create a centralized, standalone facility for their vivarium’s sanitation equipment. This helped UCSD expand strategically, optimize their operations and eliminate redundancies. The idea of a standalone sanitation facility eliminating the need for sanitation centres in every vivarium was unique to the industry at the time. Despite the lack of precedent, Dr. Richter was determined to go ahead on the project so that UCSD could reap the significant financial benefits from such a centralized system.

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The University of Southern California (USC) is a leading private research university, renowned for their research and specialized care in areas such as cancer, stem cell and regenerative medicine. In order to accommodate their expanding research programs, the Department of Animal Resources at USC sought to remodel one of their facilities and upgrade their equipment. Manager of the Department, Ramiro Montano, decided to reach out to BetterBuilt to see if we could help with the facility’s upcoming renovation.

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While UBC was making plans to build their new research facility, Gordon Grey, Senior Operations Manager of Animal Care Services, knew he wanted BetterBuilt on the team as a key vendor for the project. Given the institutional history BetterBuilt has with the university, Gordon knew that there wasn’t anyone better suited to the job. With top technology, versatility and a team of experts who are always willing to collaborate to find the best solution to clients’ problems, BetterBuilt was UBC’s top vendor choice for sanitation equipment in their facility. Gordon knew that they’d be able to get the capable, quality cage processing equipment they needed for maximum throughput and minimal downtime.

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Northwestern University

According to Facility Manager C.J. Arnett, “When it came to identifying the problem and coming up with a resolution, BetterBuilt has been very systematic, logical, structured and consistent with finding resolutions to the issues we’ve had.” One way BetterBuilt provided support to Northwestern is through the installation of cameras inside the machines themselves to help diagnose problems in real time.

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