Material transport carts are small but important products for all lab animal research facilities. In order to increase the efficiency of your operations, having good quality material transport carts is essential.

Often overlooked, cage transportation solutions are one of the biggest components to the performance of a lab animal research facility. That’s why at BetterBuilt, we’ve taken all considerations to ensure your team can easily transport cages into washing systems with ease and comfort.

As well, our material transportation carts work with customized automated washing systems to take the worst part of the job away — cleaning the soiled cages.

If you’re looking to improve efficiencies in your facility, let us show you how we can revamp your lab’s transportation system with bulk material handling solutions.

High-Quality Transport Materials

We produce durable material transport carts – it’s that simple.

Whether you’re moving hundreds of mice or a handful of rats, our carts make transportation easy. Let us know if you have specific needs and we’ll match a cart to your facility’s requirements.

BetterBuilt’s special material transport products include our:

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