It doesn’t matter if you’re in the healthcare industry or life sciences field – your facility has certain standards when it comes to sanitization. Our goal at BetterBuilt is to exceed those expectations with our efficient cage, bottle, and rack washers.

Our automated solutions for lab washing operations prioritize efficiency, durability, and worker safety above all else. Let us know your requirements and we will work to meet them.

Efficient and Effective Cleaning

R600 Series Cage & Rack Washer

This line of automatic washers uses a proven spray design to quickly clean cages and racks. Its heavy-duty single chamber and floor-loading design will improve your facility’s productivity immediately.

R730 Cage & Rack Washer

Consume less energy and boost your facility’s efficiency with this cage and rack washer. Designed with sustainability in mind, the R730 washer provides separate wash and rinse solution piping coupled with a high-pressure spray jet system.

C500 Series Cage & Bottle Washer

This washer was designed for facilities that need a heavy-duty washer in a small cabinet configuration. The C500 can be used as a large-capacity glassware washer or a floor-mounted cage and bottle washer.

R690C Conveyorized Rack Washer

The R690C Conveyorized Rack Washer is a heavy-duty unit designed to process mobile carts and racks. The equipment is transported through a high-pressure spray jet chamber for quick, thorough cleaning.

In need of a bottle, rack, or cage washer? Talk to BetterBuilt today.

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