Every medical center requires sterile processing solutions, from the biggest surgical hospitals to the smallest clinics. For years now, BetterBuilt has been dedicated to providing innovative washing operation equipment for the healthcare industry. We prioritize durability and ease of use in all of our products, and we place a big emphasis on worker safety.

Take a look at our automated solutions for healthcare facilities and their sterile processing department. If your surgical equipment processing area or workers have specific requirements, let us know. We’ll work to meet your unique needs.

Browse Our Healthcare Cleaning Solutions

Automated Conveyor Systems

Our Automated Conveyor System (ACS) is a fully integrated automated surgical instrument processing system. It can be used in conjunction with our washer decontaminators in a confined space. Handle all of your soiled and clean processing racks in one system.

Surgical Scrub Sinks

Choose between surgical scrub sinks in single, double, or triple-bay models. All of BetterBuilt’s sinks feature a deck-mounted mixing valve so that you can maintain the perfect temperature, as well as a gooseneck faucet with a rose-style spray nozzle.

Warming Cabinets

All of our warming cabinets are designed to raise and hold surgical irrigation solutions at a pre-set temperature. The cabinets can be used in hospital settings as well as clinics and surgery centers. Digital controls ensure it’s easy and straightforward to manage the temperatures.

Cart & Utensil Washers

BetterBuilt has combined modern technology with a proven spray design in our cart and utensil washers. Equip yours with a single or double door setup, then mount it free-standing on the floor or into a pit for floor-level loading.

Washer Decontaminators

Our D403 Series Washer Decontaminator provides safe and efficient cleaning for valuable surgical instruments and utensils. The automation options allow for flexible programming that maximizes the washing capabilities.

Allow BetterBuilt to revamp the way your healthcare organization cleans and sanitizes.

Call 888-553-0855 or reach out online to connect with one of our experts. We’re here to listen to your specific requests and needs.