At the core, BetterBuilt is all about making life easier for those working in life sciences and healthcare facilities. We craft washing operation products that prioritize worker safety and energy savings – two of the most vital goals for any laboratory.

Ever since the 1950s, our team has been partnering with labs in life sciences to upgrade the way they accomplish daily tasks via automated solutions. Whether cleaning vivarium caging or diverting non-cage items away from the washer, our products make sanitation and organization simpler.

Our Unique Design for Conveyor Diverter Systems

Within our line of Activ products, we’ve developed a non-robotic diverter that seamlessly integrates with our solutions for lab animal research facilities. This diverter uses minimal energy to safely handle non-cage items during the cage wash process. With this product, cleaning cages becomes an easy, efficient operation.

Our ActivCDS (Clean Diverter Station):

Are you looking to boost worker safety in your animal research facility?

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