Today’s fast-paced world calls for more efficient systems in animal research and healthcare facilities. BetterBuilt focuses on crafting laboratory equipment that is user-friendly, including bedding dispensers and other equipment for rodent cages.

Our bedding dispensing systems ensure minimal allergen exposure and better worker safety. We’re always working to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency within life sciences facilities. Talk to us about how we can upgrade your bedding system.

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What makes a great bedding dispenser? Efficiency and safety. We have carefully designed our dispensers to be either standalone or integrate with a tunnel washer. Take a look to see which of our products best suits your needs.

It’s time to improve the way your facility handles animal bedding.

Contact our team at BetterBuilt by calling 888-553-0855 or reaching out online. Our knowledgeable experts will guide you toward the right automated system and equipment for your needs.