Companies around the globe have turned to BetterBuilt for automated & custom solutions for their facilities. Our decontamination products emphasize worker safety and productivity – two things every lab animal research facility can appreciate.

With our innovative solutions, your team will meet sanitization requirements and safety expectations. If you have a specific decontamination request, let us know. We’re happy to customize solutions for clients.

Our Decontamination and Sterilization Products

Our decontamination and sterilization products are used in a range of life science, pharmaceutical, and laboratory industries.  We make equipment decontamination easier and safer for everyone involved. Take a look at our products to find the option that’s best for your facility.

  • Decontamination Equipment

    Our decontamination equipment is designed to keep your life sciences facility sterile. BetterBuilt products increase productivity by optimizing your current washing operations. Proper decontamination shouldn’t hinder efficiency.

  • Dry Heat Sterilizers

    Using electric generated forced-air convection technology these lab sterilization units are an energy-wise solution compared to steam autoclaves.

If you’re in the life science industry or medical research field, it’s time to rethink your decontamination processes.

Contact the BetterBuilt team to learn how our products will speed up your procedures and keep team members safe. Call 888-553-0855 or reach out online today. We’re ready to face your facility’s challenges head-on.