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BetterBuilt Helped Northwestern University Stay 18 Months Ahead of Schedule

Working and Adapting Within an Ever-Changing Situation

According to Facility Manager C.J. Arnett, “When it came to identifying the problem and coming up with a resolution, BetterBuilt has been very systematic, logical, structured and consistent with finding resolutions to the issues we’ve had.”

One way BetterBuilt provided support to Northwestern is through the installation of cameras inside the machines themselves to help diagnose problems in real time. According to C.J., “It’s been phenomenal. We’re not even in the same time zone and the level of support we receive is amazing. With our other washing equipment, if something breaks you could be waiting for two to three weeks for a part or piece. With BetterBuilt the downtime is minimal, the interaction is fantastic, and again, they really listen to what we need, what the issues are and then work with that information,” helping to get the facility running up to speed.

The team at Northwestern was first drawn to BetterBuilt for our automation products – especially the capacity to handle all aspects of the cage washing operation without the use of robotics. However, it was our ability to adapt the equipment to a low-pressure steam application that really solidified the relationship.

Collaborating Together for BetterBuilt Solutions

“Without BetterBuilt’s equipment, I’d say we’d be six to 18 months behind where we are now.” With our cage wash automation system, facilities are able to get all the benefits of modern automation without the problems that come with robotics (such as the massive use of space and technical expertise required for the upkeep). Not only that, but BetterBuilt’s team of project managers and experts will work with your team and by your side to get your equipment installed and up and running, whatever your challenges may be.

“BetterBuilt is very easy to work with. They listen. They pay attention to what you’re asking and what you’re saying. Their communication and their interest in what’s valuable to their customers is always at the forefront of their focus.” In fact, because of Northwestern’s experience with BetterBuilt, they will be using our cage washing system as a basis of design for their next building renovation. “That’s how satisfied we are with the equipment, the service, and the whole package.”

When it comes to equipping the modern facility with BetterBuilt solutions, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. All buildings will have unique requirements, but in the end, we’re committed to your success. With the widest variety of options and solutions available in the industry, BetterBuilt will have the right equipment for the application.  Our team of technical sales professionals and project managers will be there to assist you during every phase of the equipment acquisition process to ensure your team has the right solution for your facility.