Our automated solutions at BetterBuilt are designed to make lab animal research simpler. We want your life sciences team to spend less time on tedious tasks and more on meaningful, productive research. That’s why we’ve introduced products like our laboratory automatic decapper.

This life science automated decapper station allows you to remove up to 25 bottle caps at once. Looking for something even more comprehensive? Let our team know you’re interested in a custom head configuration.

B290D Manual Load Automatic Decapper Station

The B290D bottle decapper station is a semi-automatic system designed to pull the tops off water bottles in a basket before they go through the washer. Although this tool is most commonly used in the life science industry, it can also be optimized for other applications.

Maximize your workplace efficiency with a customized laboratory decapper from BetterBuilt.

To learn more about cap automation tactics, call 888-553-0855 or send us a message. We’re happy to provide innovative solutions for all kinds of animal research facilities.