The BetterBuilt V731 Decontamination Door is an integral component designed for facilities constructing a decontamination room. The door(s) provide the airtight interface required for users to decontaminate various laboratory items, equipment, materials, instruments and electronics using a stand-alone vapour or gaseous generator.

Key Features

  • Cost-Effective – A decontamination door assembly integrated with building construction of a decontamination room may be a more cost-effective solution compared to the purchase and install of a fabricated decontamination chamber.
  • Space Savings – Depending on site conditions, valuable floor space may be saved with the construction of a building decontamination room as compared to a fabricated decontamination chamber.
  • Controls – Standard pushbutton controls include On/Off, Start, Stop, and E-stop. A PLC is provided for communication with the generation unit.