The High Capacity Cage Washing System consists of one center spray arm assembly and two cage racks. The dedicated stainless steel spray arm assembly coupled to the floor mounted manifold connection redirects wash/rinse solutions for the high capacity double sided cage washing racks.

The VHS Series High Capacity Cage Washing Systems include:

  • VHS6D5 – Vertical Header with Two 5-Level Cage Racks
  • VHS6D4 – Vertical Header with Two 4-Level Cage Racks
  • VHS6D3 – Vertical Header with Two 3-Level Cage Racks


Key Features

  • Designed to provide maximum cage washing throughput
  • Accommodates multi-types of cages, enhancing flexibility
  • Components are compatible with alkaline and mild acid detergents
  • Provided with locking swivel casters
VHS6D5200 mouse or 80 rat47” x 80” x 81”
VHS6D4160 mouse or 64 rat47” x 80” x 81”
VHS6D3120 mouse or 72 rat47” x 80” x 81”


Standard Mouse Cage Bottom size 7.25”W x 11.5”L x 5”D or [184mm x 292mm x 127mm], Standard Rat Cage Bottom size 11”W x 17”L x 7.25”D or [279mm x 432mm x 184mm]