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4 Innovative Lab Automation Systems Life Sciences Labs Must Have

Lab automation is beneficial in life science laboratories for a multitude of reasons. It can improve workflow management, efficiency, accuracy, and most importantly, provide scientists with better quality data. Studies have found that automation significantly reduces overall errors – allowing laboratory technicians to focus on quality assurance.

As a baseline, life sciences laboratory managers and employees need solutions that are:

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective to own

Lab automation can also help your laboratory increase production, improve worker safety, and be more competitive in the market.

Here are some innovative systems and equipment that every life science laboratory should have.

1. Automated Systems and Solutions for Life Sciences Labs

a) Automated Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems help to move supplies and equipment around a life science laboratory more efficiently. These automated systems can be customized to your needs and integrated with your current processes. By automating the conveyor system, you will greatly reduce the risk of human error.

Our goal is to make your life sciences lab function more seamlessly. Take a look at our catalog of automated conveyor systems.

b) Diverter Systems

A clean diverter system allows you to load items into the soiled side of a tunnel washer for processing. As rodent cage bottoms and non-cage items exit the clean side of the tunnel washer they are sorted. Cages proceed to the bedding dispenser while non-cage items are automatically conveyed to an unloading station. This lab automation system will also reduce the risk of human error.

Diverters can do a lot to increase the accuracy of your lab results – and make sure technicians are not bogged down with monotonous tasks. Check our selection of diverter systems.

c) Material Transport Carts

Material transport carts are important in washing operations – as they help transport materials around your life science laboratory. This solution improves lab efficiency, energy consumption, worker safety, and more.

The value of carts in a lab is often overlooked, but are crucial pieces of equipment. BetterBuilt spares no details in selling the best material transport carts on the market.

2. Bedding Handling Systems

a) Bedding Conveying

Automated systems for bedding conveying help move bedding and other materials around your laboratory. This system makes washing operations easier and safer for everyone. Integrating lab automation with these systems gives scientists more time to focus on research and improving overall results in life sciences.

Quality bedding conveying systems are essential for clean, safe washing environments in life sciences labs. See what we have in our catalog.

b) Bedding Dispensers

A life sciences laboratory is a fast-paced environment and requires efficient systems to maintain production. Lab automation with bedding dispensers saves time and promote worker safety by limiting allergen exposure. The dispensing is done with a controlled level of bedding in each cage as they go through the unit.

Bedding dispensers are core components in nearly every life science laboratory. Browse our selection of bedding dispensers that fit your need.

c) Bedding Disposal Stations

Proper disposal of waste and soiled bedding is paramount in a sanitary life sciences laboratory. The processes within a lab should not be bogged down by inefficient waste management – and safety from allergens and other hazards needs to be the top priority in day-to-day operations.

At BetterBuilt, we offer several bedding disposal stations designed to integrate seamlessly within your systems – and guarantee the safe removal of waste. Take a look at our products today.

3. Decontamination and Sterilization

a) Decontamination Equipment

Decontamination equipment helps reduce the risk of infection in life science laboratories. It helps keep your facility sterile – as well as increases safety and production.

Decontamination chambers are airtight and can be integrated with various vapor or gaseous generating units. A decontamination door can be added to create an airtight interface when cleaning lab equipment, material, electronics, and instruments.

A sound process for decontamination is essential in every laboratory. Check out our selection of decontamination equipment today.

b) Dry Heat Sterilizers

Dry heat sterilizers can do a lot to improve the cleaning process. Items are sterilized using forced-air convection technology.  The sterilizers can also have automatic loading and unloading features that maximize worker safety, shorter cycle times,  and greater efficiency.

This equipment is critical in preventing the spread of disease and infection. Browse our catalog of dry heat sterilizers to get started.

4. Washers

a) Cage, Bottle, and Rack Washers

Cage, bottle, and rack washers are specially designed to clean items quickly. These washers have state-of-the-art sprayer technology, including aqua pulse that allows life sciences operators to customize washing patterns. Known for their ease of use and productivity, automated cage, bottle, and rack washers can help your laboratory:

  • Decrease cycle times
  • Reduce utility consumption
  • Improve manual processes

These pieces of equipment are paramount for lab efficiency. Take a look at the cage, bottle, and rack washers we have at BetterBuilt.

b) Cart and Racks

Your laboratory is always bustling and it’s important to keep it organized and clear of clutter. Washing carts and racks help you move materials around your life science laboratory quickly and efficiently.

Carts and racks are pieces of everyday lab equipment that should be made to last. Take a look at the quality selection at BetterBuilt.

c) Tunnel Washers

Tunnel washers help clean large quantities of items quickly. This progressive approach to washer design combines cleaning performance with ease of use and long-term durability. Along with energy-saving features, the tunnel washer will help reduce the spread of infection and meet the needs of even the busiest laboratory setting. Moreover, tunnel washers can be integrated with the line of Activ lab automation solutions.

Quality tunnel washers make every life sciences lab function more efficiently. Browse our catalog of tunnel washers today.

Wrap up

Lab automation solutions are beneficial to life sciences laboratories. Automation increases efficiency so your workers can concentrate on more important tasks – as well as reduces the spread of disease and allergens.

At BetterBuilt, we understand that each facility is unique. We’re committed to understanding the specific needs of your life science laboratory and designing a lab automation solution that’s easy to operate, cost-effective to own, and durable for a long life of reliable performance.

Contact BetterBuilt today and we’ll work with you on a custom solution for your laboratory. We offer easy-to-control products that meet today’s expectations of fast cycles and low utility consumption. With decades of experience, we can engineer a solution that’s right for you and your life science laboratory.


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