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5 Innovative Automated Solutions Every Healthcare Facility Must Have

Laboratory automation solutions are more than just a flashy upgrade in healthcare and research facilities – they are becoming the standard.

A recent study showed that 90% of healthcare facilities are currently using some form of automated solution. Reasons include staff shortages, reduction in errors, and providing patients with better solutions. For instance, in one study, automation reduced medication errors by 64%.

Automation systems are revolutionizing the healthcare research industry by increasing efficiencies that would be impossible if using a manual process. For instance, every medical center requires sterile processing solutions – and automated systems can play a big role in making cleaning procedures more efficient. This can free-up staff to dedicate more time to innovation, and ultimately, improve patient results.

Here are five innovative automated solutions that every healthcare facility should have:

1. Automated Conveyor Systems

Automated conveyor systems can help move items around a healthcare facility quickly and efficiently – while removing the potential for human error. This not only creates more efficiency – but enables your employees to focus on more important activities, rather than monotonous tasks.

For instance, a fully integrated surgical instrument processing system, when paired with a washer decontaminator can be game-changing for healthcare facilities. The Activ Automated Conveyor System (ACS) can be used with multiple washers and in a confined space. For facilities already lacking space, this can be a fantastic solution.

The automated conveyor system provides:

  • Transportation of soiled and cleaned processing racks between the infeed conveyor, washers, and side conveyor.
  • Automated loading and unloading of washers by the Encoder Cart – making sure that the process is continuous and seamless.
  • Manual functionality if needed.

2. Surgical Scrub Sinks

Protecting workers and lab safety is paramount. Surgical scrub sinks are designed to help reduce the spread of infection in healthcare and research facilities.

The SS Series Surgical Scrub Sinks are available in single, double, or triple bay models. They are equipped with:

  • A deck-mounted mixing valve for temperature control.
  • A gooseneck faucet with a rose-style spray nozzle.
  • Standard, knee-activated electronic water flow control system.

Made of durable welded stainless steel, the SS Series Surgical Scrub Sinks are designed to help ensure that hands are properly disinfected. To further promote safety, they are also equipped with a plexi-glass splash divider and knee-activated soap pump and dispenser.

3. Warming Cabinets

Automated warming cabinets are another innovative solution for your medical facility. This laboratory automation system is designed to raise the temperature of surgical irrigation solutions for hospital and clinical applications. They are also excellent blanket warmers due to their even heat and quick recovery. The NW series of Warming Cabinets are designed with flexibility and multi-functionality in mind.

Many hospitals and other medical facilities are already short on space. These warming cabinets come in different sizes and configurations so you can put them where you need them. They are also equipped with digital controls for easy operation. All these warmers, regardless of size, can hold either solution bottles or blankets. Service and repairs can be done easily via quick access in the front of the unit.

Some of the primary features include:

  • Durable construction
  • Fully-insulated heating chambers
  • Field reversible door swings

If you have questions about how this type of laboratory automation can be deployed in your medical facility, please reach out to a member of our knowledgeable team.

4. Cart and Utensil Washers

Every medical center requires sterile processing solutions. From the largest facilities to the smallest, the volume may be different, but the needs are the same. The safety of workers is your priority. Automated carts and utensil washers can help reduce the spread of infection in healthcare facilities and keep everyone protected.

Combining modern laboratory automation technology with a proven spray design, the R600 Series Cart and Utensil Washers deliver:

  • Outstanding cleaning performance.
  • Ease of use.
  • Durability that meets the demands of today’s busy medical facilities and laboratories.

The R740 Series Cart and Utensil Washer meets the desires of healthcare facility managers who need a high-efficiency washer that consumes less energy, increases productivity, and is sustainable for the future. The washer’s short cycles and environmentally sound design make this the perfect solution for your facility’s sterile processing needs.

5. Washer Decontaminator

Every healthcare facility can use an efficient, laboratory automation solution to improve their sterile processing department. Washer decontaminators are designed to clean and disinfect medical instruments. The BetterBuilt D403 Series Washer Decontaminator provides safe and efficient cleaning for vital instruments and equipment.

This automated lab washer decontaminator can be configured with either a single or double door – as well as be free standing or recessed. The layout largely depends on your facility’s requirements and available space. At a glance, this system is equipped with:

  • Flexibility to meet high-capacity needs
  • Customizable cycle options.
  • Load racks designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Bottom and top mounted spray arms and removable rotary spray arms for excellent coverage to all areas inside the chamber.

Like all BetterBuilt laboratory automation solutions, the washer decontaminator is quiet, increases productivity and is user-friendly. With touchscreen controls and ActivPM diagnostics,  the functionality of the D403 is simplified for all operators.

Wrap up

At BetterBuilt, we’re dedicated to providing innovative laboratory automation solutions for healthcare facilities, no matter the size. We prioritize durability, ease-of-use, and worker safety in everything we do.

We offer automated systems and solutions for healthcare facility managers and their sterile processing departments. If you have specific needs or requirements, let us know and we’ll work to meet your needs.

Contact us today and let us revamp the way your healthcare organization cleans and sanitizes. Our knowledgeable team can answer all your questions and work to find the perfect laboratory automation solution.


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