The BetterBuilt Activ Automated Conveyor System (ACS) is a fully integrated automated surgical instrument processing system designed to be used in conjunction with BetterBuilt D403 Washer Decontaminators.  This system can be utilized with a multiple of washers in a very confined space for healthcare.

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Key Features

  • Encoder Cart – A central automated cart handles all transportation of soiled and clean processing racks between the infeed conveyor, washers and outfeed side conveyor.
  • Automatic Processing – Up to 4 different processing cycles are actuated automatically through a unique removable tab system on each processing rack.
  • Process Flow – Washers are loaded and unloaded automatically by the Encoder Cart ensuring the process flow is continuous and seamless.
  • Manual Operation – Manual operation for the user is available from the manual loading/unloading side of each row of washers. This manual feature isolates individual washers from the automated system.
  • Central Control System – A 12” Touchscreen with PLC controls the entire operation, and graphically displays a floor plan view of the entire system.
  • MUNIS (optional) – The Multiple Unit Network Interface System is an integrated control system which networks multiple washer’s control system together with the Surgical Instrument Conveying Automation system’s control system. The MUNIS system allows the facility to prioritize the washer operation by directing limited facility water, and/or steam to supply designated washers first.