The BetterBuilt Activ Automated Conveyor System (ACS) is a highly customized integrated conveyor system used to move any type of product between our various pieces of equipment.  This system can be designed to suit any application for Life Sciences.

Key Features

  • Customized Solution – System can be customized to suit the facility configuration and application.
  • Automatic Processing – Multiple processes can be incorporate into the system and sorted automatically through diverter stations, offload rollers, and powered belts.
  • Integration – System can be seamless integrated to various BetterBuilt pieces of equipment from BetterBuilt T200 series Tunnel washers, BetterBuilt D200 series Bedding Dispensers, BetterBuilt C200 series Bedding Dispensers, Activ ADS Automated Dump Station, and more.
  • Future Expandability – System can be designed to expand queuing and offload roller capabilities.
  • Control System – An optional stand-alone control system with PLC and Touchscreen can control the entire operation or the controls be incorporated into other pieces of equipment.