The BetterBuilt C200 Series Chute Bedding Dispenser is designed to accept rodent cages manually placed on the unit and precisely dispense a controlled amount of fresh, free-flowing bedding materials. Variable timed pneumatic values simultaneously fill bedding into cages aligned beneath dispensing chutes.

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Key Features

  • Controlled Volume – High-speed pneumatic valves ensure a controlled volume of bedding is dispensed into each cage placed beneath each chute. Cage presence sensors confirm a cage is correctly located and ready to accept bedding. Dispensing can be achieved individually or simultaneously. The C200 series bedding dispenser is capable of handling multiple cage types, sizes and dispensing volumes.
  • Flap Gate Dispensing – Our non-slide gate design uses a pneumatic actuated flap gate which limits dispensing errors.
  • Different Bedding Types – Dispensing of different bedding types including problematic light-weight paper varieties is easily achieved when employing the correct agitation method. We offer sweepers, mixers, agitators, and vibration devices.
  • Ease of Use – Fresh bedding materials can be manually added to the storage hopper located at the base of the unit. Or, fresh bedding can be automatically delivered to the top dispensing hopper by our bedding delivery system: Sure-Flo or Sure-Vac.
  • Vacuum Transfer – Bedding materials are conveyed from the lower storage hopper to the upper dispensing hopper by an internal vacuum system.
  • Maintenance Access – The front viewing window provides easy access to the dispensing hopper without tools for maintenance purposes.


C202 2 46″ x 30″ x 98″
C204 4 69″ x 30″ x 98″
C206 6 93″ x 30″ x 98″