The BetterBuilt D600C Automated Dry Heat Sterilizer uses electric generated forced-air convection technology combined with automatic loading and unloading of the drying chamber providing continuous operation for higher throughput than our conventional batch style Dry Heat Sterilizers.

Key Features

  • Sterilization System – High energy, efficient electric heaters provide accurate temperature while direct driven blowers force hot air through semi-pierced side walls creating a high volume uniformed horizontal circulated air flow across items to be sterilized.  HEPA filters are utilized by the air intake and exhaust systems.
  • Modular Construction – All stainless steel modular construction provides durability and installation flexibility. All dis-assembled sections of the dry heat sterilizer will pass through a 3’-6” x 6’-8” standard doorway.
  • Pit Mounted Installation – A heavy duty stainless steel belt conveys mobile carts through the chamber. Pit mounting of the dry heat sterilizer allows for floor level loading and unloading.
  • Insulated Chamber – Chamber is double wall construction with 4” insulation on all sides except the floor.  Smooth interior side wall construction reduces ledges or corners where gross debris may accumulate.
  • Validation – Temperature uniformity mapping and validated sterilization cycles using biological indicators are performed at the factory for assured results.