The BetterBuilt D600 Series Dry Heat Sterilizers uses electric generated forced-air convection technology for reduced energy consumption. Compared to steam autoclaves, no water usage is required, maintenance is less, and cost to own and operate is lower. Installation is simple and flexible with onsite assembly capability.

Key Features

  • Sterilization System – High energy, efficient electric heaters provide accurate temperature while direct driven blowers force hot air through semi-pierced side walls creating a high volume uniformed horizontal circulated airflow across items to be sterilized. HEPA filters are utilized by the air intake and exhaust systems.
  • Modular Construction – All stainless steel modular construction provides durability and installation flexibility. All dis-assembled sections of the dry heat sterilizer will pass through a 3’-6” x 6’-8” standard doorway.
  • Floor Mounted Installation – A heavy-duty 3/16” plate stainless steel floor with a bevelled edge for mobile cart loading allows for floor-mounted installation. No pit required.
  • Insulated Chamber – Chamber is double-wall construction with 4” insulation on all sides except the floor. Smooth interior sidewall construction reduces ledges or corners where gross debris may accumulate.
  • Validation – Temperature uniformity mapping and validated sterilization cycles using biological indicators are performed at the factory for assured results.

Note: Custom fabrication is available. Please contact BetterBuilt or your local representative for further details.

D63048” x 88” x 90”75” x 144” x 111”
D69048” x 88” x 180”75” x 144” x 210”