The BetterBuilt Activ Automated Dump Station (ADS) is part of the Activ Automation suite of solutions which actively solve operational and worker safety concerns in laboratory animal research facilities. Using fixed controlled movements through pneumatics and drives, soiled rodent cages are dumped and scrapped automatically in an enclosed environment limiting allergen exposure to operators.

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Key Features

  • Stand Alone or Integrate – The automated dump station can be provided as a stand-alone unit or integrated with a tunnel washer. Both applications provide a safe work environment for users by automatically dumping and scrapping soiled cages in an enclosed stainless steel cabinet.
  • Fully Enclosed Cabinet – The entire unit is fully enclosed to limit allergen exposure to operators in the surrounding area. Integration to optional external dust collection systems is recommended. The unit is provided with a hinged access door or removable drive section for troubleshooting purposes or for manual operation.
  • Automatic or Manual Mode – The unit is designed for automatic operation however manual mode is available. If required, an operator can manually dump soiled bedding into the integral dump station. In manual mode, the optional downdraft dust collection unit and Sure-Flo or Sure-Vac Soiled Bedding Handling system will continue to operate if so equipped.
  • Integrated Dump Station – The integral dump station can be designed for either a mobile collection bin which allows for manual disposal of soiled bedding or direct connection to the inlet port of a Sure-Flo or Sure-Vac Soiled Bedding Handling system.
  • Vertical Door – A pneumatically operated vertical lift door with viewing window is provided at the load end of the unit. The door will operate automatically as required during the processing of soiled cages.