A graphical supervisory software that allows users to monitor and control Ethernet connected BetterBuilt, Sure-Flo, Sure-Vac, and Activ equipment from a PC or web browser. Relevant data collected is stored in a database on a server for easy retrieval and report generation.

NEW!! BetterBuilt now offers a simplified ActivView Lite System where operators will be able to monitor operation of all integrated BetterBuilt, Sure-Flo, Sure-Vac, and Activ equipment on one Touchscreen. Contact us for more information about the ActivView Lite System.

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Key Features

  • Integration – The operator can view the entire connected equipment layout in one screen. Program parameters of all connected equipment are adjustable through the ActivView system.
  • Trending & Data Logging – Multiple real-time and historical trends are supported, and can be saved and retrieved at the user’s convenience. Standard data logging of all BetterBuilt washing conditions and parameters are captured.
  • Alarms – Colour coded alarms for easy visual status are captured in real-time and retained for historical information. Remote notification is possible via mobile, email, or printer.
  • Password Protection – An advanced adjustable multi-tiered password protection system allows incremental access to the various program parameters.
  • Graphic Interface – Screens support 3D style buttons, embedded icon buttons, animations and P&ID pictures to allow easy visual interface with the process. These intuitive screens allow the user to understand and interact with the operation of the entire cage washing process in the facility seamlessly with a fast learning curve.
  • Reports – Standard reports such as operating hours, alarms, capacity, number of cycles, among others, are available. Customized reports can be designed once parameters are known. Reports are created in text, RTF, XML, PDF and CSV formats.
  • Mobile Device Access – Users can remotely view ActivView via web-enabled mobile devices.
  • Remote Camera Monitoring – Allows web-enabled cameras to stream live video feeds to the facilities’ PC, as well as remote monitoring via web browser.