BetterBuilt’s Activ Integrated Automated Solution (IAS) features patented technology. This non-robotic system provides allergen exposure protection for operators, space saving modular design, and full integration with a BetterBuilt tunnel washer. ActivIAS optimizes throughput, plus significant decrease in energy consumption, exceeds other cage automation systems. Based upon a simple, yet effective, design of process automation using fixed controlled movements through pneumatics and mechanical systems, ActivIAS is the right solution for rodent cage processing.

Successful installation at University of California San Diego, Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Northwestern University in Chicago, and in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan.

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Key Features

  • Versatility – Capable of processing all brands of rodent cages as well as multiple brands without equipment set-up changes. Cage filter tops, wire lids, bottle baskets and other miscellaneous items are also easily processed.
  • Consistency – Maximum uptime is achieved through proven pneumatics and mechanical process-controlled design.
  • Productivity – Throughput capabilities are higher than other automation systems. Our industry first “reject stations” provide continuous operation allowing the system to keep pace with the fully integrated BetterBuilt tunnel washer. There is no need to shut down the cage processing operation if an error occurs.
  • Integration – Single source supplier providing full integration, seamless interaction between BetterBuilt cage washing equipment, Sure-Flo and Sure-Vac bedding handling systems and Activ automation solutions, including transport carts.
  • Safe Operation – Mechanical design of the system means safety barrier walls are not required. Operators are able to perform duties along-side a fully functioning system in complete safety. The enclosed Automated Dump Station (ADS) provided with self-contained dust collection system substantially reduces allergen exposure to operators.
  • Less Energy, Less Space – ActivIAS features low utility consumption when compared with other automation systems, using approximately 70% less electricity. The BetterBuilt tunnel washers consume 30% less steam and no cold water during operation. The footprint of a complete integrated system is approximately 30% to 40% less than other automation systems.
  • Automatic or Manual – The system can operate in either automatic or manual modes to better suit user requirements.
  • Future Upgradeability – The modular design of Activ Integrated Automation Solution (IAS) allows for easier future upgrades than other automation systems.