The BetterBuilt G403 Series Multi-level Glassware Washer is a single automatic vertical lift door unit, designed to hold laboratory glassware on up to four levels. The unique cantilevered loading design is available with a wide choice of spindle racks. The washer is available in either steam or electric.

Key Features

  • Vertical Lift Door – The pneumatically operated automatic vertical lift door opens with the touch of a button. An air cushion safety system is standard.
  • Mirror Finished Chamber – The interior side and back panels are provided in mirror finished stainless steel which allows for better circulation of solutions in the chamber.
  • Dryer Options – A choice of either vented or non-vented drying packages are available. Both systems feature hot air circulated throughout the chamber for complete dryness.
  • Ease of Use – All BetterBuilt washers use a PLC microprocessor with industry leading touch screen controls featuring Activ PM diagnostics. All parts and components are non-proprietary and available from local suppliers or the factory.
  • Quiet Operation – The combination of component selection and design engineering insure the operating sound levels around the washer are kept below 70dB.
  • Productivity – The multi-level loading offered by this washer allows it to be configured for processing glassware from one to three levels with a choice of spindle racks. In addition, rotary spray arms are mounted at the top and bottom of the chamber providing excellent spray coverage.


Note: Vertical door in the raised position will require an overall height of 93-1/2″ (2375 mm) AFF.


G40327″ x 28″ x 27″42″ x 78″ x 34″