The BetterBuilt G500 Series Glassware Washer is provided in a single door or two door pass-through model for heavy duty, large item processing.  Two chamber sizes available in either steam or electric heat, plus DI final rinse and dryer options.

Key Features

  • High-Pressure Spray – Wash and rinse solutions are distributed by a combination of rotating spray arms positioned on both sides of the chamber and one from the top for complete overall coverage along with individual spindle jets for internal item spray coverage.
  • Drop-down or Vertical Door – Washers are available with either a manual drop-down door which serves as a convenient load and unload platform or a manual vertical-lift split door which offers space savings for smaller glass wash rooms.
  • Guaranteed Temperatures – Chemical suppliers have specific temperature recommendations for best performance from their detergents. Our micro-processor control system allows the user to pre-set the correct solution temperature for each step of the process and for guaranteed bacteria kill during the final rinse.
  • Touch Screen Controls – Users can easily select from 8 pre-programmed adjustable cleaning cycles. The easy to read information screen shows the current operating cycle and stage, actual temperature and time remaining.
  • Processing Racks – Standard processing racks are available however most customers appreciate our ability to manufacture custom racks specifically designed for their application.


G52045″ x 32″ x 32″70.5″ x 78″ x 38″
G550 45" x 32" x 42”70.5″ x 78″ x 52”