The BetterBuilt R600 Series Cage and Rack Washer is the result of modern technology combined with a proven spray design. The R600 Series washers are automatic, heavy-duty, single chamber, floor loading, hydrospray washers. Both single and double door pass-through units are available. Units may be floor or pit mounted through one or two walls or installed free-standing.

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Key Features

  • Rotary Spray Arms – Overlapping rotary spray arms provide a high-pressure spray for total coverage. The simple design utilizes pump pressure to drive the spray arms without the need for a secondary mechanism.
  • Aqua Pulse – Allows the user to customize the washing pattern by allocating a longer duration of spray coverage from one side of the chamber. This feature is very helpful for use with solid back cages where additional coverage is preferred for the open side of the cage.
  • Ease of Use – All BetterBuilt washers use a PLC microprocessor with industry leading touch screen controls featuring Activ PM diagnostics. All parts and components are non-proprietary and available from local suppliers or the factory.
  • Productivity – A unique cage handling system, model VHS6D, holds 180 mouse cage bottoms for processing at one time. A bottle washing cart is also available which can process 10 standard size bottle baskets per load. A quick-lock connection at the washer floor allows both of these loading accessories to be engaged automatically.
  • Options – Numerous performance and control options are available to decrease cycle times, reduce utility consumption, and enhance the user experience.


R620 42″x84″x80″ 80.5″x103″x84″
R630 48″x88″x90″ 87.5″x107″x94″
R670 48″x88″x130″ 87.5″x107″x134″
R690 48″x88″x180″ 87.5″x107″x184″