The BetterBuilt R690C Conveyorized Rack Washer is a heavy-duty unit designed for processing mobile carts and racks transported through high pressure spray jet chambers on a full length stainless steel belt.

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Key Features

  • High Pressure Spray – Fixed spray jet manifolds provide complete overall coverage from the top, sides and bottom in the pre-wash, wash and rinse chambers of the washer.
  • Glass Doors and Side Windows – Dual glass doors at the load and unload ends of the washer along with side mounted viewing windows provide visibility to the chamber for users during operation.
  • Easy Maintenance – Main wash pumps and control valves are located on the service side of the unit for easy access. Filter screen baskets at each chamber section collect debris and are also easily accessible from the service side of the washer for removal and cleaning.
  • Touch Screen Controls – Users can easily select from 8 pre-programmed adjustable cleaning cycles. The easy to read information screen shows all aspects of the washer cycles and process operations. Unique features include flexible cycle choices to save energy and chemicals, heat sensitive cycle, fast no chemical cycle and automatic start-up.