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4 Key Benefits of the ActivADS Automated Dump Station for Lab Efficiency

If you manage a life science laboratory, an automated dump station is crucial to your work and maintaining sanitary standards. The global lab automation market size was 4.8 billion dollars in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.1% from 2021 to 2028.

Maintaining vivarium cages is important for animal research facilities. Poor sanitary standards can have serious negative consequences for your facility.

In some facilities, the process of dumping and cleaning out cage bedding materials is done by hand. This is not only unsanitary, but also dangerous for your employees as it can expose them to harmful particles and allergens. An automated dump station is a perfect solution to help keep workers safe and maintain high sanitary standards.

An automated dump station can improve the workflow, efficiency, and accuracy of lab operations. The ActivADS Dump Station helps by not only automating the cleaning process –  but it’s enclosed so particles can’t escape into the air.

Here are the key benefits of the ActivADS Dump Station for Lab Efficiency.

1. Automatic or Manual Mode Options

The ActivADS Dump Station works to increase the sanitary standards in your facility and can be used in both automatic mode and manual. While the unit is designed for automatic operation, which can increase productivity and safety, it has a manual mode that gives you more flexibility for your needs.

If necessary, the operator can manually dump soiled bedding into the dump station. Even in manual mode, the optional downdraft dust collection unit and Sure-Flo or Sure-Vac Soiled Bedding Handling system will continue to operate if equipped.

This flexibility will help your team maintain productivity and efficiency in lab operations by working in the manner that is best suited for them. They’ll have the freedom to decide what’s best and the ActivADS dump station will be there to support them.

2. Fully Enclosed Cabinets

Worker safety concerns are critical in animal research facilities. The ActivADS Dump Station features fully enclosed cabinets to protect your workers from allergen risks and other harmful particles that can get into the air.

The ActivADS Dump Station is fully enclosed so that operators’ exposure to harmful particles and allergens is limited. It can be integrated with an optional dust collection system, which is highly recommended. Switching to an enclosed, automated dump station solution with a negative draw exhaust system is ideal for a cleaner cage wash facility.

The unit is equipped with a hinged access door for any troubleshooting or manual operation. This allows for easy access by operators or technicians to immediately diagnose any issues.

3. Integrated Dump Station

The ActivADS Dump Station is an integrated dump station that can be designed and installed to provide the best solution in your facility. You can have an entirely automated solution for animal lab research – depending on your needs.

Using the integrated dump station, lab operations can be designed for either a mobile collection bin or a direct connection to the inlet port of a Sure-Flo or Sure-Vac system. The mobile collection bin allows for the manual disposal of soiled bedding, making the ActivADS efficient and versatile.

The ActivADS Dump Station can also be fully integrated with the ActivIAS Integrated Automation Solution products and the ActivView data collection and control system.

4. Easy to Use

The ActivADS automated dump station is designed to be extremely simple for the operator to use. In automatic mode, it uses fixed controlled movements through a series of pneumatics and drives to dump and scrape soiled rodent cages. This is in an enclosed environment – so your operators stay protected.

The ActivADS features a microprocessor control system with a touch screen, an on/off switch, start, stop, and E-Stop buttons. This makes the system very user-friendly – no matter what the lab operations look like.

The automated nature of the ActivADS means it can be run efficiently. This means you can limit your labor costs and increase productivity. Since it’s built with our 70-year legacy of quality and durability, you can rest assured that the ActivADS automated dump station will have a long life of reliable performance.

The Wrap

At BetterBuilt, we are committed to understanding your specific needs – we know that each laboratory and facility is unique. With the ActivADS Dump Station, we’ve built a solution that’s safe, easy to operate, cost-effective to own, and durable.

We offer engineering advanced solutions for life science laboratories, specializing in automation and customization. Our team of experts will work with you on your challenges and recommend solutions to meet your needs. We have 70 years of experience helping laboratories increase efficiency and productivity.

Contact us online or call 1-888-553-0855 to learn more about the ActivADS Dump Station or any of our other health sciences laboratory solutions. We have automated systems and solutions to support more efficient, safe, and clean processes.


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