The Sure-Vac S250 Housekeeping System is a central vacuum system designed to extract dust, dirt, spilt bedding and other materials from animal holding rooms.

Key Features

  • System Components – Typical system consists of multiple inlets, cleaning tools and reels, conveyance piping, primary separator, vacuum piping, filter separator, dust extraction, vacuum producer, exhaust filter, and system controls.
  • Cleaning Tools – A variety of cleaning tools and retractable hose reel stations are available for material pickup within holding rooms and the facility.
  • Multiple Ports – System can be configured with multiple inlet ports with a maximum of 8 operators using the system at one time.
  • Conveyance Piping – Stainless steel piping with large radius bends for directional change in either horizontal or vertical directions. All pipe connections are conductive compression couplings and clean-out ports provided are strategically located.
  • Vacuum Producer – Engineered and sized to maintain proper transportation velocity for the application. Reduced energy consumption and extended motor lifespan are achieved with the use of a VFD. A silencer and unit insulation keep the noise level below 70 dBA.