The Sure-Vac S270 Clean Bedding Delivery System is designed to pneumatically convey clean bedding from bulk storage to a bedding dispenser.

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Key Features

  • System Components – Typical system consists of a clean bedding loading system either manual load hopper or bulk-bag unloader, conveyance piping, primary separator, interface for bedding dispensing, vacuum piping, filter separator, vacuum producer, exhaust filter, and system controls.
  • Bulk Bag Unloader – For facilities using bedding bulk bags (approx. 40 ft³ or 1000 lbs) an I-Beam Hoist with Frame System or our Top Suction System can be used.
  • Multiple Ports – If required, the Sure-Vac system is capable of multiple inlet and/or discharge ports which are located on the conveying line piping.
  • Conveyance Piping – Stainless steel piping with large radius bends for directional change in either horizontal or vertical directions. All pipe connections are conductive compression couplings and clean-out ports provided are strategically located.
  • Vacuum Producer – Engineered and sized to maintain proper transportation velocity for the application. Reduced energy consumption and extended motor lifespan are achieved with the use of a VFD. A silencer and unit insulation keep the noise level below 70 dBA.